Maintenance starts with maintaining communication

In 2018 Emma Glazebrook of MBCM Strata Specialists Seymour took over the Owners Corporation (OC) Management of a large estate in Yarrawonga, Victoria. The estate is targeted at premium retirement living. With over 500 properties currently under management, and a further over 900 properties, including a hotel and golf course set to be completed in the next five years, it’s one of the largest of its kind in regional Victoria.

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Structural Repairs

Repairing your investment

In 2016, MBCM Williamstown was appointed to take over management of a 12 unit complex that presented with some major challenges. The owners were very concerned as they had received a written confirmation from the building insurer stating that their policy renewal terms would not be met unless the long-term major repair issues were resolved. In other words, under previous OC management, the building had fallen into disrepair and major structural works were now required.

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Waste Management Solutions

Early OC involvement is never a ‘waste’ of time!

When an award-winning Melbourne based developer was constructing one of the largest apartment complexes in the Ballarat region, they made the decision to tender for Owners Corporation [OC] management and Greg Honeyman and his team from MBCM Ballarat were brought on board as the building’s OC Manager. Greg immediately got to work reviewing the plans for the five-storey apartment complex and basement.

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Cost Savings

Are you getting the best deal for your hard earned money?

We saved the Owners Corporation $4,500 by engaging more competitive contractors without compromising the quality of the service and leveraging MBCM’s buying power. This saving was made on just a single budget line item for this OC.

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