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Saying no to the status quo

Saying no to the status quo

“It’s a big decision to leave your strata manager but I keep hearing the same reasons why residents get dissatisfied and make the move to work with us instead.” – Eddie Parada, ASM 
It’s a tale as old a time (well at least as old as high density living), body corporates tend to stay with the strata management agent they appointed back when the building was developed even though they are extremely frustrated and disappointed with the service they have received.  All they are looking for is basic, professional customer service – where their emails and calls are returned, and repairs and maintenance are done. They are desperate for a change but feel it’s too complicated when they are locked into riding out their agency agreement term.
A perfect example of this customer dissatisfaction can be found in the NSW suburb of  Dee Why, which has approximately 9,357 Medium to High Density Dwellings, where four well established, local strata management agencies have been appointed to service the densely populated, apartment-living locals.
When ASM in Dee Why appointed a new strata management agent, Eddie Parada, he knew something needed to change. Eddie had lived in the area for close to 50 years – and as a strata manager he was consistently hearing about the same issues – from the basic courtesies of “they never get back to me and they charge me for everything” to the downright negligent “we have been waiting for months to get the leaks fixed and now the water has caused more damage at our cost.” The overarching feeling from residents was frustration with going through several managers at the same company, where it just got worse and worse.  
Eddie identified that there were good opportunities to win new business from the established strata management agents because it’s obvious to residents that their current strata managers have been sitting on their laurels and taking their clients and business for granted. It’s a very common issue with some strata managers.
As a local Eddie knows that local knowledge and expertise go a long way in Dee Why strata management, “When you understand the area, the lifestyle and the types of residents you just know that they deserve better. Also, it’s always nice to bump into a familiar face when grabbing your coffee or taking a walk through the local streets.”
It’s a combination of these factors that has led the last two buildings, acquired by ASM Dee Why, to have both left their strata agent after being with them for significant amounts of time. Eddie says, “they want to be properly managed for the money they pay, some even saying they were willing to pay more for a company that actually provides a decent service.”
When asked why so many in the area have stuck it out with inadequate service Eddie explained that it’s a common misconception that it’s really difficult to change but the reality is it’s actually not complicated at all to change your strata management agent.
He went on to advise that “if you’re dissatisfied with your building’s management you can simply start with a no-obligation, confidential phone call to your local ASM agent to find out more information. One thing I can promise you is that we WILL return your call promptly! Which, is a good first step in the right direction.

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