Undoubtedly the most common building defect issue that is found within Owners Corporations is water

We have constructed this comprehensive troubleshooting maintenance handbook to help you with some common property

VCAT Guidance in support of Benefit Principle term used under Section 49 of the Owners

On taking over the management of this property, it became obvious that the roof had

It is vital to check lot boundaries when it comes down to windows repairs and

Question: A landlord has suffered loss of rent due to repairs to common property. Does

Question: We purchased off the plan. We feel that our lot entitlement is too high

Question: Is there any way to have liabilities changed without having 100% agreement? Is there

Question: We need to carry out substantial repairs on the building. A special levy of

Question: What would the estimated range of costs be for changing lot entitlements in a

Question: The tenants in our apartment are experiencing issues with the noise from the sub

Question: Is there any change in the new legislation for charging the excess to the

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