Roofing Repair and maintenance

Roofing Repair and maintenance

On taking over the management of this property, it became obvious that the roof had not been maintained or repaired for many years, which had resulted in ongoing and constant leaks into individual units.

A roof report was obtained, with the result being that the entire roof required replacement. Several quotes were obtained for the work, however as the property was heritage listed, council approval regarding the project was required, including the type of tiles used, which impacted the project.

Due to the nature of the repairs, the cost was substantial, however the contractor agreed to lock in the price for twelve months.  Several meetings were held to choose a quote and to formulate a payment plan which provided owners some flexibility in payment of the special levy.  There were a number of options provided, enabling the owners to select which option worked best for them and suited their financial situation.

Although there were a couple of hiccups along the way, with good communication and collaboration between all parties, these were easily resolved, and owners are delighted with the end result.

Maintaining open and transparent communication and collaboration between all parties only serves to produce excellent outcomes when managing such projects.

Sean Ewinger
OC Manager MBCM Strata Specialists Hawthorn

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