Strata Managers Summary of Amendments | 19.Making Rules


External Alterations and Other Works Affecting Lot Owners:
An Owners Corporation may make rules in respect of proposed works to renovate or alter the external appearance of a Lot 

  • to protect the quiet enjoyment of all other lots and the common property; 
  • to protect the structural integrity of any building on the plan of subdivision; and 
  • to ensure the market value of any other lot is protected.

An Owners Corporation must not make rules that unreasonably prohibit the installation of a ‘sustainability item’ on the exterior of a Lot. Withholding approval only based on aesthetic grounds is unreasonable but withholding approval because of the location or access or use of common property.
Rules in general cannot be oppressive to, unfairly prejudicial to or unfairly discriminates against, a lot owner or an occupier of a lot.
Payment Plan:
Allowing Owners Corporation to make rules regarding the payment of fees by instalments by lot owners in financial difficulty. 
Tobacco Smoke:
Allowing Owners Corporation to make rules regulating or prohibiting the drifting of tobacco smoke from a lot in a multi-level development.
Fire Safety Procedures:
Allowing Owners Corporation to make rules requiring advice to be given to occupiers about fire safety procedures and the operation of fire alarm systems.

​Find out more at https://www.legislation.vic.gov.au/as-made/acts/owners-corporations-and-other-acts-amendment-act-2021 

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