Residential Strata Property



“Our OC has Residential Strata Insurance to cover our 8 units. This includes Public Liability Insurance. We have an owner/occupier who runs her Pilates business from her unit.

In speaking with the insurer, they advised that if a client of the business was injured on site we would not be covered unless the insurance was upgraded to Commercial Strata Insurance.

To my knowledge, the owner setup their business without notifying the strata management group and has run it from their unit for some years.

To move to Commercial Strata Insurance will mean an increase in the insurance fee.

Can you advise if the business owner can be charged the difference between Residential and Commercial Strata Insurance costs or if the business can be stopped from running out of the unit putting the other owners at risk?”

Whitbread’s Response

There are several important factors to address in relation to the insurance here…

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