Office Bearers Liability


It is common for lot owners to volunteer as members on Strata Committees without knowing this personally exposes them to risk. Office Bearers can become personally liable for any wrongful acts or inaction resulting in financial loss to others while acting on behalf of a Strata Scheme. Office Bearers Liability insurance is available as part of Strata insurance and can help you minimise personal exposure. 


An Office Bearer is any person, appointed [or previously appointed] to act as an Office Bearer of an Owners Corporation, including a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and other Committee/Sub-Committee members on a Strata Committee. For larger buildings, in particular, the Owners Corporation, Committee, and Office Bearers can be actively involved in the management of the Owners Corporation’s affairs [e.g., managing disputes, enforcing rules, and making key decisions].


Office Bearers’ Legal Liability insurance (OBLI, is an optional safety net for Office Bearers for the costs and expenses associated with legal proceedings, including legal defence costs, damages, settlements, and costs orders. OBL cover also extends to losses incurred by an Owners Corporation when they are legally required to indemnify an Office Bearer for losses arising from such proceedings. Additionally, the OBL cover can be triggered in the event where allegations are made about Office Bearers’ inaction that results in financial loss to lot owners. OBL cover can extend to any representatives, including Strata Managers, lot owners, or other representatives when acting as an Office Bearer, Committee Member or agent of an Office Bearer, and anyone invited to act as an Office Bearer or Committee Member by a Strata Committee to assist in the management of the Owners Corporation’s affairs, with written and delegated authority by a Strata Committee. 

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