What are Owners Corporation / Strata fees and what do they cover?

What are Owners Corporation Strata fees and what do they cover

Owners Corporation / Strata fees are regular payments made by property owners within a strata-titled development to cover the collective costs associated with managing, maintaining, and insuring shared areas and facilities. These shared areas often include common areas like lobbies, stairwells, gardens, parking lots, swimming pools, gyms, and elevators. The fees contribute to the overall upkeep of the property, ensuring it remains in good condition for all residents.

Maintenance and Repairs

One of the primary purposes of Owners Corporation fees is to fund ongoing maintenance and repair works. Regular upkeep is essential to preserve property value and ensure the safety and comfort of residents. This may involve tasks such as painting, cleaning, gardening, and repairing common property infrastructure.


Owners Corporation fees typically include insurance premiums to cover common property and shared assets. This insurance provides protection against unforeseen events such as fire, storms, and accidents. It’s crucial for safeguarding the interests of all property owners and ensuring that any damage to common areas can be adequately covered.

Administrative Costs

Owners Corporation fees also contribute towards the administrative costs associated with managing the property. This includes expenses related to hiring property managers, maintaining financial records, organising meetings, and complying with legal requirements.

Reserve Funds

A portion of the Owners Corporation fees is often allocated to a sinking fund or reserve fund. This fund is set aside for future major repairs, upgrades, or unforeseen expenses. Building a healthy reserve fund is vital for avoiding special levies or sudden spikes in fees when significant works are required.

How Are Owners Corporation / Strata Fees Calculated?

The calculation of Owners Corporation fees varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Lot Entitlements: The size, location, and amenities of individual lots within the development may influence the allocation of fees. Owners of larger or more luxurious properties may be required to pay higher fees.
  • Budgetary Requirements: The Owners Corporation committee prepares an annual budget outlining anticipated expenses for the upcoming financial year. This budget includes maintenance costs, insurance premiums, administrative expenses, and contributions to the sinking fund. The total budget is divided among property owners based on their lot entitlements.
  • Special Levies: In certain circumstances, such as unexpected repair works or a shortfall in the sinking fund, the Owners Corporation may impose special levies to cover additional expenses. These levies are typically calculated based on the individual lot entitlements or unit entitlements.

Owners Corporation / Strata fees play a vital role in the effective management and maintenance of strata-titled properties. By pooling resources and sharing costs, property owners can ensure the long-term sustainability and value of their investments. Understanding the purpose, calculation, and significance of these fees is essential for all stakeholders involved in strata living arrangements. Effective communication, prudent financial planning, and active participation in Owners Corporation activities can help ensure that fees are fairly assessed and utilised to benefit the entire community of property owners.

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