Exit and Emergency Lighting


Question: Why don’t Linkfire replace just the batteries in Exit & Emergency Lighting?

In theory replacing a battery is cheaper than replacing a full light fitting, but unfortunately, it is not as simple as that. So why do most professional fire specialists like Linkfire prefer to replace the fitting? There are many parts of an Emergency Light that can cause the light to not work / fail the testing requirements. – battery, circuitry, charging device can all cause faults. Because of this,  there is no guarantee that the battery was the problem in a failed light. If we replace a battery, then in order to confirm that the battery was the issue we would need to run another 90 minute discharge test. If the fitting fails again, we could try replacing parts of the charging device or circuitry, etc. The cost of diagnosis, parts and multiple 90 minute tests would soon outweigh the cost of installing a brand new fitting instead. Furthermore, we are not able to provide any warranty on battery replacement or repairs to an old fitting, whereas we can provide a warranty on the new fittings we install. With our profile and capacity, we are able to source high grade fittings that are warrantied for a full 2 years. All new fittings we install are LED as well, saving your client cost on globe replacements and electricity usage in future. Of course, you also get a certificate of electrical safety with all of our electrical work.
It’s an old adage that says that the cheapest way will always cost you more eventually.


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