Emergency Accommodation & LOR


Compensation for temporary accommodation and loss of rent are two key special benefits offered by most leading strata policies, however, they are both often misunderstood by unit owners and strata managers. To assist owners and managers in making more informed decisions around temporary accommodation and loss of rent, this article steps through the key features, benefits, and limitations attached to each type of cover. 


Strata insurance is a legal requirement for body corporates across Australia, with each State’s legislation stipulating a minimum level of reinstatement and replacement insurance for the building and common contents.In recognition of the broad risks that body corporates and unit owners are exposed to, most leading strata insurers offer ‘broad form’ accidental damage cover, which provides cover for any sudden and accidental damage to insured property [subject to the policy terms, conditions, and exclusions]. In addition to the above, such policies also offer specific additional and special benefits, including those which can be accessed by unit owners in a strata plan. Temporary accommodation and loss of rent are among the most significant of these benefits, triggered when a unit’s occupant[sl are displaced following a claim event. 

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