DEFT digital payments guide – Macquarie Bank

DEFT digital payments guide - Macquarie Bank

Macquarie bank is changing their DEFT payment options. Individuals are instructed to refer to their DEFT invoices to discover the options made available to them by their respective billers.

Payment options via DEFT

  1. BPAY®:
    • Payments through BPAY can be executed via online or telephone banking, facilitated by the provision of a Biller Code and Reference Number from the biller.
  2. DEFT.com.au:
    • Users have the option to set up either one-off or recurring payments via their bank account, debit, or credit card.
    • A direct debit arrangement is also feasible for eligible billers, ensuring automatic debit of payments when due.
    • Accepted cards include American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard, and Visa, with potential transaction fees.
  3. BPAY Batch (if available):
    • BPAY payments are attainable through internet banking.
    • Businesses dealing with multiple bills can generate a BPAY Batch file using their business management software and subsequently upload it to internet banking for authorization and payment.
  4. Australia Post:
    • Payments can be made in-store at Australia Post through eftpos or cheque.
    • A biller-generated barcode, typically located on invoices or levy notices for strata lot owners, is required for this method.

To safeguard the integrity of accounts, individuals are advised to:

  • Exercise caution regarding unusual requests from billers, such as changes to accepted payment methods.
  • Verify the authenticity of any updated payment details received via email by seeking verbal confirmation from the biller.
  • Direct payments to DEFT using the methods specified in the guide.
  • Refrain from making payments to intermediaries, even if they offer discounts on bills.

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