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Site Refurbishment

21 May 2022


Refurbishment of Owners Corporation for five neglected lots


  • Notice to Fence had no response from neighbours 
  • Limited contractor availability during Covid


When MBCM took over this site, there was no committee and no funding to establish a maintenance fund for future work.
Working closely with the new committee, the Manager helped to establish an adequate budget that worked for lot owners.

The following upgrades have been made since handover:
  • New Metrebox and supply metres
  • New shared side fence length of property
  • Painted fences
  • Painted letterbox area
  • Removal of inactive trees
  • New grounds scope and planting of small shrubs
  • Workers toilet repairs
The site is now well maintained and looks cared for, the owners are very happy with the outcome.
When MBCM took over our OC, it was run down with little finances and owners were not engaged. Since that time, we have reset expectations and worked methodically through the site to produce a fresh and budget-friendly upgrade of assets.

Janette & Gary Eley (Owners)

MBCM Strata Specialist Frankston engaged me to complete exterior paintwork to shared fences that had not gone to plan by a previous contractor.
The scope was accurate, and the communication was professional and friendly. The Manager did a site inspection in a timely manner and confirmed with the owners that they were happy with the work so that the invoice could be paid quickly. A pleasure to work with.

Dean Browne Painting Service