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Shepparton Plaza Renovations

30 May 2022


MBCM Strata Specialists were tasked with improving the external presentation of the Plaza building entrance and surrounding carpark and outside area.


The overall aim of commissioning this project was to lift the outside aesthetic of the building to attract a higher level of cliental into the Shepparton Plaza. 

For this to be achieved the following work was undertaken: Portico added to front door; shade sails added to carpark area; and outside area rendered, painted and signage redone.


  • Portico added to the front entrance

  • Shade sails added to the carpark area

  • Outside area was rendered, painted and exterior signage was redone



The outside area and front entry to the Shepparton Plaza has been visibly improved. Since its facelift, the building’s exterior now has an attractive street appeal, and the site owners are very happy with the results.


A risk assessment report from the insurer flagged several issues that had major costs attached (such as resurfacing the car park) which the insurer required to be addressed. As the balance of the maintenance fund had recently been spent on previous renovations, there were no funds in the kitty to get the work done. 

The consequence of the work not being done, could have resulted in a significantly increased premium for the Owners Corporation. 

To save the Owners Corporation from this increased premium, Emma contacted the insurance company and negotiated 

Part of the arrangement she had with the insurance company involved some minor and relatively inexpensive items being rectified which made the car park safer while the Owners Corporation made provision to complete the rectification work within a three year period. 

By negotiating this arrangement, Emma was able to stagger the required works over a few years with no financial impost on the OC from inflated insurance premiums. 

The end result was a better looking shopping centre, a safer car park, some breathing space for the OC without any financial detriment.