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Unscrupulous Former Manager Costs OC Money 

03 Jun 2022

Trevor Fuller from MBCM Strata Specialists Richmond North was appointed as Manager for an Owners Corporation in Richmond in August 2021.  

When MBCM took over, Trevor looked at past invoices and found that the Owners Corporation had previously paid an unnamed Facility Management company for essential services maintenance (ESM). Trevor made multiple attempts to contact the company through phone and email, to no avail. 

Trevor then requested quotes from contractors who had previously carried out work at the property. One of our long-term trusted partners, Linkfire responded and advised that they had been managing the ESM at the property. The plot thickened... 

Trevor went into detective mode to connect the dots to solve the mystery. In reviewing the handover information, Trevor discovered the previous manager had issued a work order in the past to Linkfire, for the installation of a key safe. After crosschecking old invoices, he found that there was one for a key safe installation job, but it had been paid to the unnamed Facility Management company, not to Linkfire. Alarm bells... 

The next step was to get on the phone and speak to Trevor’s Relationship Manager at Linkfire, so they could help us fit the missing puzzle pieces together. Linkfire informed Trevor that they had completed several jobs on the property before and confirmed all invoices sent to the previous manager had been paid, but not by the Owners Corporation.  

Trevor discovered that the previous manager had been invoicing the Owners Corporation for ESM works through the third party unnamed Facility Management company, who in turn had been marking up the price on the invoices they received from Linkfire, resulting in significant overcharging of the Owners Corporation. 

The Owners Corporation is now saving up to half of their previous ongoing ESM costs under Trevor’s management. 

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