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Three reasons to use Linkfire

Managing an Owners Corporation is something the franchisees at MBCM Strata Specialists take very seriously. And one of the most serious is the emergency safety management of the bodies corporate they manage.
When you are responsible for the safety of the people who live in the buildings you manage, you only want the best Fire Protection Service provider in the state. That company is Linkfire.
There are three main reasons why MBCM Strata Specialists franchisees trust Linkfire to maintain the Fire Safety Protection systems at the Owners Corporations they manage:

  1. They are a 100% family owned, 100% Australian business, employing more than 80 full time local staff (no outsourcing), and industry leading company operating to the highest professional standards. As evidence of their industry status, their Managing Director, Alistair Nicoll is highly active in the industry ensuring that regulations are rigids and therefore increasing safety in the community;
  1. Linkfire have a comprehensive range of services which cover every aspect of ESM Maintenance and repair for strata, owners corporations and bodies corporate. Directly employing Licenced plumbers, A Grade electricians, registered Sprinkler Fitters and FPASS trained fire technicians. They are a true one stop shop that can professionally take care of every aspect of Fire Protection Safety at the properties they look after for MBCM franchisees. They also offer above and beyond services for their clients such as assistance with Building notices, Council Orders, FMV Fine submissions and a true 24/7 emergency response service all included as a part of their offer.
  1. Linkfire consistently demonstrate an extremely high level of customer service which is particularly important to our franchisees who need reliability and professionalism from their fire protection services provider. This is reflected by the ongoing relationship so many MBCM franchisees have had with the Linkfire team for more than 20 years.

Alistair Nicoll, Managing Director, Linkfire

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Annual Essential Safety Measures Report

03 Dec 2021

Compliance of the Building vs Compliance of the Owner
The AESMR is a statement in relation to the owner complying with their ESM obligations. The format of this compliance statement under the regulations is that: 
“…the owner has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that each essential safety measure in the building or place – (i) is operating and has been maintained in a state that enables the essential safety measure to fulfil its purpose; and (ii) has been inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with the Act and these Regulations.” (Building Regulations 2018, Section 224(f)).
To be “compliant”, the owner needs to have taken “all reasonable steps” to ensure that all ESM are appropriately maintained and operating as intended. Other important information included in the AESMR is a table of all ESM on site and details of who has maintained them over the previous 12 months. 
The AESMR is not

  • A statement that 100% of ESM in the building is necessarily compliant at that particular point in time

  • A separate physical audit of any or all ESM in the building