Strata Pioneers & Industry Leaders

As one of the pioneers and leaders in the Australian Strata Industry for over 33 years, we are renowned for providing
professional body corporate or strata management services in your local area, through our extensive branch network
of managers & staff who live and work in your community.



Who We Service



Why Choose MBCM

The three most important reasons clients choose us to manage their properties.


We are local. Our franchise offices are locally owned and engage local tradies. Our local franchisees know and understand your local community, and live and work in your area.

Additionally, we are the Victorian market leader and we have been at the forefront of the strata industry since 1989. We are a Founding Member of the industry association, Strata Community Association (SCA). Our franchisees are specialist Owners Corporation Strata Managers, registered with the Business Licensing Authority and are members of the SCA.

We have developed industry leading best practices which become the industry norm. Our processes are fully compliant with industry and legislative guidelines.

Our IT systems are innovative, responsive and accessible to all members at their convenience. You can access the information you need, when you need it. We have a strong corporate ethos and culture.

As Victoria’s most professional Owners Corporation Strata Management group, we provide a wide range of professional services. Some of these Professional management of Owners Corporations services include: 

  • All accounting matters relating to the Owners Corporation. 

  • Maintaining all records and correspondence on behalf of the Owners Corporation. 

  • A range of payment options for levies including DEFT and BPay. 

  • All documentation and organisation of Owners Corporation meetings. 

  • Arrangement of insurance and processing of claims and property. Valuations. 

  • Maintenance and repairs as instructed by the Owners Corporation as well as a 24-hour emergency service.

  • ​Keeping up to date with relevant legislation and regulations.  

When it comes to world class technology, MBCM Strata Specialists has been the pioneer and leader in this area. We had our first computerised management system back in 1989 and over the last 33 years we have continued to lead the industry by continually upgrading and developing new features to our IT systems.

Today, our in-house strata management software seamlessly provides effective data management for Owners Corporations in a safe and secure environment. Creating a true community environment is what our MBCM Strata Specialists ‘Strata Community Hub’ is all about.

Our in-house designed strata management system is the central point for information and communication. It’s a place where you can access real time data and financial reporting to our owners corporations and committees no matter where you are in the world.

As long as you have internet access you can connect to the Strata Community Hub. Our easy to use community hub gives you all the information you need, such as bank balances, pending tasks, meeting notices and invoices.

Every one of our strata communities has their own personalised online ‘Strata Community Hub’. This is another MBCM Strata Specialists feature ‘helping strata community thrive'.™ 
Strata Community Hub – Committee Area

Built within our Strata Community Hub is a secure area for the committee. This area provides members with access to all the committees’ specific information and functions, this helps our committee volunteers to be able to access information quickly and to operate more efficiently. Some of the information the committee have access to are: committee access only documents, supplier approvals, Owners Corporation financials and arrears information.

Strata Community Hub – Lot Owners Area

The lot owners’ area in our Strata Community Hub provides each owner with access to all their essential information. Another additional benefit of our portal is if you have multiple lots across a number of properties you are able to access all your information under a single login account. All accessible 24/7 either via your computer, tablet, and internet connected tv, iPad or mobile phone. Some of our bespoke features our strata communities can access are:
  • Online reporting issues at any time;
  • Financial documents such as income, expenses and balance sheets;
  • Plan of subdivision and model rules;
  • Bank statements and insurance documents;
  • Fund balances;
  • Budget details;
  • Copies of communications for example levy notices, meeting minutes; and
  • After hours emergency contact details.

Contractor register

MBCM Strata Specialists provides to its clients a national Contractor Register service. This service ensures that all works performed on properties are done by accredited contractors. The register requires that all of our contractors who perform any works on buildings managed by MBCM Strata Specialists, comply with Work Health and Safety Legislation and hold the required ‘up to date’ licences, permits and insurances.

After Hours Emergency

As is sometimes the case, problems can arise outside traditional working hours. Each of our franchises have a 24-hour emergency contact number to help you in case of an emergency maintenance situation. Please head to your local offices' webpage on this site for more details.

For more than 33 years, MBCM Strata Specialists has offered a range of professional Strata Management services to our Owners Corporations and Bodies Corporate. Our success over the years has been what sets us apart from other Strata Management companies.   
Here are just a few areas that set us apart from your average Strata Management company: 

  • We are truly local with over 60 franchises across Melbourne metropolitan area and Victoria.

  • We are community focused. 

  • Our franchisees own and manage their business, so you are always dealing with the principal. 

  • We are renowned for providing exceptional service. 

  • We possess vast experience & knowledge across the network.  

  • We always behave in a transparent manner in all our dealings with every Owners Corporation.  

  • We build and maintain long term relationships with our clients and suppliers.  

  • We pride ourselves in informing and educating the industry. 

  • We are always responsive to any enquiry. 

As part of our ethos of giving back to our communities, MBCM and our franchisees have proudly donated over $30,000 to The Smith Family and Launch Housing.  

Our commitment to community transcends our local communities and business relationships to help those in need.  

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